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HT Bùi Đắc Hùm

Bùi Đắc Hùm | Cao Dai - A Way To Harmony ( 7/13/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

Human beings have a tendency toward materialism. They discriminate against each other because of physical differences between cultures and religions; they fight, and kill each other under the form of religious wars; the relationship between parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, friends becomes controlled by materials desires and money.

HT Lê Văn Thêm

cao daiLê Văn Thêm | PRECEPTS, The Way to Paradise ( 7/10/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

The Five Precepts of Caodaism are apparently similar to those of Buddhism. Caodaism however, gives much more importance to language, particularly to spoken words.

Producer Lyall Ford

Lyall Ford | Caodaism in America's Heartland ( 7/13/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

Posted by Lyall Ford on 1/4/2012 11:17 AM


My name is Lyall Ford, and I am the producer of "From Rice Paddy to Wheatfield: Caodaism in America's Heartland." This is a new documentary on Caodaism in the United States, and features interviews with Caodaists from Wichita, KS, Dallas, Forth Worth and Houston, TX, Portland, OR, and Atlanta, GA.

Currently, the documentary is being featured in the Culture Unplugged Film Festival, and is available on line at:

Please feel free to watch and share the documentary with others and let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards,
Lyall Ford

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HT Nguyễn Long Thành

cao daiNguyễn Long Thành | The Path of a Cao Dai Disciple ( 7/7/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

I would like to acknowledge my debt to His Holiness Hộ Pháp Phạm Công Tắc who has guided me in both religious and social like, who transmitted me precious thoughts condensed in the contents of this handbook at the same time as spiritual help from the divinity through my preparation.

Bảo Pháp Nguyễn Trung Hậu

cao daiNguyễn Trung Hậu | Discussion on the Tao, Questions and Answers ( 7/15/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

In this book “Discussion on the Tao, Questions and Answers,” the author describes a scenario in which a non-CaoDaist questions a CaoDai disciple on the Tao. The person who questions likes to have good knowledge on religions. The questions, although seeming somewhat critical, are reasonable and deserving of reply.

Tiếp Pháp Trương Văn Tràng

cao daiTrương Văn Tràng | The Teachings of The Great Way ( 7/13/2020 )    cao dai hai ngoai

“ . . .The Supreme Being uses the name “CAO ĐÀI TIÊN ÔNG ĐẠI BỒ TÁT MA HA TÁT” to found “ĐẠI ĐẠO TAM KỲ PHỔ ĐỘ.” This name denotes the return of the three main religions to their primordial unity.

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